Devin Walker Styles Photoshoot for Kentaro

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Kentaro KameyamaProject Runway 2017 Winner, did aKentaro Kameyama garments photoshoot just a few days ago and SuperdopeTV was there! Producer and Creative Director of SuperdopeTV, Devin Walker was called to style the photoshoot and boy he had a fun day in the world of fashion!

Devin is known to have a unique style. Kentaro seems to have acknowledged that and asked him to join the team. Kentaro designed some amazing garments for New York Fashion Week 2018, where he showcased them earlier this year. Photos had to be taken so the world can see, too!

Maggie Inc. model, Jasmine Toon, was there to bring the garments to life and pose in front Carlos Moscat’s camera. The setting was simple, yet, to the point. A store full of racks of clothes; every woman’s dream!

You may want to stick around and follow Kentaro on social media to see exactly what we are talking about!


Also, be on the lookout for our new docu series “What’s Next For Kentaro”. The series will focus on Kentaro designing a 15- 20 piece fashion line, for New York Fashion Week 2018. The first episode will air later this spring, and you will be able to stream it for free on our Facebook page.


Designer: Kentaro Kameyama

Model: Jasmine Toon

Styling: Devin Walker

MUA: Tara Thompson

Photography: Carlos Moscat