Happy Birthday Mychal!

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SuperdopeTV C.E.O. and Founder, Mychal Simka, is turning Mychal Simkasomething and fabulous today! All of us here, at SuperdopeTV, want to wish him a very Happy Birthday!

For those of you who don’t know Mychal personally, or through social media, we are talking about a super fun guy. A kid at heart, someone who dreams big in each and every single moment of his life.

He is the type of boss that wants the job done and will then take you out for drinks. Who doesn’t want to have a jalapeno margarita after working hard for hours?

His phone hasn’t stopped ringing today. All we could hear at the office was Mychal saying “Thank you, thank you” as he responded to people’s wishes.

Mychal, now that the SuperdopeTV family is growing bigger, I’m thinking next year, you should have your phone, social media and email on auto respond lol.

All jokes aside, Mychal’s wish is to, one day, build a place where kids can go and have a day of absolute fun. A wonderland! Inspired by his one true idol, Walt Disney, Mychal speaks and breathes animation. He is always motivated to do better in the entertainment industry.

“Kids are the future. We need to make sure they grow up in a healthy environment so they can later become true leaders.”¬† -Mychal Simka

Happy Birthday, Mychal!!