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report for duty.


Are you a writer, a blogger, a photographer, a traveler, a youtuber or instagrammer? Are you a salesperson, a contractor, a musician, a model, or an attorney, maybe?! Are you sitting on your couch doing absolutely nothing and that bores you? Are you taking the dogs for a walk and the kids to school, every day, and you need something to get you out of that routine? Do you cook, paint, diy, do make up tutorials or like to watch a new movie every day? Are you friends with Selena, Christina, Marina and Athena?

you are our person!

We are giving you the chance to have an outlet to express yourself! Our family cannot and should not be small. Remember…we are over the top Superdope!

If you love to write blogs and would like to share them with us, so they can be featured on our website, send them over! If you are an aspiring artist or youtuber and want your talent to shine send us your videos!

We accept anything and everything!

Chances are you are a badass human being who likes to tell it how it is. #DOPE You are the perfect fit!

SuperdopeTV is a place where kids and teenagers can come and have fun; find interesting things to watch and read. From animated series, live-action comedy sketches and music to celebrity news, interviews and blogs about every day things.

  • Blogs should be a minimum of 500 words.

  • Videos need to be up to 5 minutes long.

  • Photos need to be high resolution.

Email Us Your Masterpiece!